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There are too many Cars in Our Streets Essay

{1} Today, most people in the city rely on automobiles as a means of transportation. While many people still take the city buses, more and more are driving to work every in their own cars. To many city dwellers, cars have become a necessity. But too many cars in the street also create problems. Traffic congestions, accidents and air pollution are the three most obvious problems that accompany a sharp increase of cars. We often get caught in heavy traffic during the rush hours, when it takes a long time to move forward even an inch. And thousands of people die while a greater number are injured, some crippled for life, in traffic accidents every year. If we want to enjoy our cars in safety, we had better follow the traffic rules carefully.

{2} As our living standard is higher than it used to be, most people can now afford to own a car. As a result, there are too many cars in our streets. This is a symbol of high economic development. However, it is also a shame that our streets become clogged with all kinds of automobiles. Not that our streets are not wide enough, but that our drivers seldom obey the traffic rules. Not that we don't understand the importance of observing the traffic rules, but that we in our selfishness refuse to observe them. The urgent problem at hand is how to reduce the traffic jam. I think the only way is to obey the rules--not only the drivers but also the pedestrians. Everybody should realize that the observance of the law is the first duty of a citizen.

{3} In a modern society, we can't live without cars. Time is the most precious thing in the world, and cars save time for us. Besides, they also provide comfort and convenience. Although cars have many advantages, however, too many cars in the streets create difficult problems. First of all, cars make too much noise, which gets on our nerves. Second, they are the main cause of air pollution, which deprives us of fresh air. Third, many people either lose their lives or are seriously injured in traffic accidents because our drivers are careless. Finally, cars occupy too much space. We really must try to keep the advantages of cars and get rid of the disadvantages.




Essays About Too Many Cars in Our Streets

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